All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

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0.24 - 2021-10-28


  • Q.experimentalSortBy, Q.experimentalSkip, Q.experimentalTake have been renamed to Q.sortBy, Q.skip, Q.take respectively
  • RxJS has been updated to 7.3.0. If you're not importing from rxjs in your app, this doesn't apply to you. If you are, read RxJS 7 breaking changes:

New features

  • LocalStorage. database.localStorage is now available
  • sortBy, skip, take are now available in LokiJSAdapter as well
  • Disposable records. Read-only records that cannot be saved in the database, updated, or deleted and only exist for as long as you keep a reference to them in memory can now be created using collection.disposableFromDirtyRaw(). This is useful when you're adding online-only features to an otherwise offline-first app.
  • [Sync] experimentalRejectedIds parameter now available in push response to allow partial rejection of an otherwise successful sync


  • Fixes an issue when using Headless JS on Android with JSI mode enabled - pass usesExclusiveLocking: true to SQLiteAdapter to enable
  • Fixes Typescript annotations for Collection and adapters/sqlite

0.23 - 2021-07-22

This is a big release to WatermelonDB with new advanced features, great performance improvements, and important fixes to JSI on Android.

Please don't get scared off the long list of breaking changes - they are all either simple Find&Replace renames or changes to internals you probably don't use. It shouldn't take you more than 15 minutes to upgrade to 0.23.


  • iOS Installation change. You need to add this line to your Podfile: pod 'simdjson', path: '../node_modules/@nozbe/simdjson'
  • Deprecated new Database({ actionsEnabled: false }) options is now removed. Actions are always enabled.
  • Deprecated new SQLiteAdapter({ synchronous: true }) option is now removed. Use { jsi: true } instead.
  • Deprecated Q.unsafeLokiFilter is now removed. Use Q.unsafeLokiTransform((raws, loki) => raws.filter(raw => ...)) instead.
  • Deprecated Query.hasJoins is now removed
  • Changes to LokiJSAdapter constructor options:
    • indexedDBSerializer -> extraIncrementalIDBOptions: { serializeChunk, deserializeChunk }
    • onIndexedDBFetchStart -> extraIncrementalIDBOptions: { onFetchStart }
    • onIndexedDBVersionChange -> extraIncrementalIDBOptions: { onversionchange }
    • autosave: false -> extraLokiOptions: { autosave: false }
  • Changes to Internal APIs. These were never meant to be public, and so are unlikely to affect you:
    • Model._isCommited, ._hasPendingUpdate, ._hasPendingDelete have been removed and changed to Model._pendingState
    • Collection.unsafeClearCache() is no longer exposed
  • Values passed to adapter.setLocal() are now validated to be strings. This is technically a bug fix, since local storage was always documented to only accept strings, however applications may have relied on this lack of validation. Adding this validation was necessary to achieve consistent behavior between SQLiteAdapter and LokiJSAdapter
  • unsafeSql passed to appSchema will now also be called when dropping and later recreating all database indices on large batches. A second argument was added so you can distinguish between these cases. See Schema docs for more details.
  • Changes to sync change tracking. The behavior of record._raw._changed and record._raw._status (a.k.a. record.syncStatus) has changed. This is unlikely to be a breaking change to you, unless you're writing your own sync engine or rely on these low-level details.
    • Previously, _changed was always empty when _status=created. Now, _changed is not populated during initial creation of a record, but a later update will add changed fields to _changed. This change was necessary to fix a long-standing Sync bug.


  • database.action(() => {}) is now deprecated. Use db.write(() => {}) instead (or => {}) if you only need consistency but are not writing any changes to DB)
  • @action is now deprecated. Use @writer or @reader instead
  • .subAction() is now deprecated. Use .callReader() or .callWriter() instead
  • Collection.unsafeFetchRecordsWithSQL() is now deprecated. Use collection.query(Q.unsafeSqlQuery("select * from...")).fetch() instead.

New features

  • db.write(writer => { ... writer.batch() }) - you can now call batch on the interface passed to a writer block
  • Fetching record IDs and unsafe raws. You can now optimize fetching of queries that only require IDs, not full cached records:
    • await query.fetchIds() will return an array of record ids
    • await query.unsafeFetchRaw() will return an array of unsanitized, unsafe raw objects (use alongside Q.unsafeSqlQuery to exclude unnecessary or include extra columns)
    • advanced adapter.queryIds(), adapter.unsafeQueryRaw are also available
  • Raw SQL queries. New syntax for running unsafe raw SQL queries:
    • collection.query(Q.unsafeSqlQuery("select * from tasks where foo = ?", ['bar'])).fetch()
    • You can now also run .fetchCount(), .fetchIds() on SQL queries
    • You can now safely pass values for SQL placeholders by passing an array
    • You can also observe an unsafe raw SQL query -- with some caveats! refer to documentation for more details
  • Unsafe raw execute. You can now execute arbitrary SQL queries (SQLiteAdapter) or access Loki object directly (LokiJSAdapter) using adapter.unsafeExecute -- see docs for more details
  • Turbo Login. You can now speed up the initial (login) sync by up to 5.3x with Turbo Login. See Sync docs for more details.
  • New diagnostic tool - debugPrintChanges. See Sync documentation for more details


  • The order of Q. clauses in a query is now preserved - previously, the clauses could get rearranged and produce a suboptimal query
  • [SQLite] adapter.batch() with large numbers of created/updated/deleted records is now between 16-48% faster
  • [LokiJS] Querying and finding is now faster - unnecessary data copy is skipped
  • [jsi] 15-30% faster querying on JSC (iOS) when the number of returned records is large
  • [jsi] up to 52% faster batch creation (yes, that's on top of the improvement listed above!)
  • Fixed a performance bug that caused observed items on a list observer with .observeWithColumns() to be unnecessarily re-rendered just before they were removed from the list


  • All Watermelon console logs are prepended with a 🍉 tag
  • Extra protections against improper use of writers/readers (formerly actions) have been added
  • Queries with multiple top-level Q.on('table', ...) now produce a warning. Use Q.on('table', [condition1, condition2, ...]) syntax instead.
  • [jsi] WAL mode is now used


  • [jsi] Fix a race condition where commands sent to the database right after instantiating SQLiteAdapter would fail
  • [jsi] Fix incorrect error reporting on some sqlite errors
  • [jsi] Fix issue where app would crash on Android/Hermes on reload
  • [jsi] Fix IO errors on Android
  • [sync] Fixed a long-standing bug that would cause records that are created before a sync and updated during sync's push to lose their most recent changes on a subsequent sync


  • Internal changes to SQLiteAdapter:
    • .batch is no longer available on iOS implementation
    • .batch/.batchJSON internal format has changed
    • .getDeletedRecords, destroyDeletedRecords, setLocal, removeLocal is no longer available
  • encoded SQLiteAdapter schema has changed
  • LokiJSAdapter has had many internal changes

0.22 - 2021-05-07


  • [SQLite] experimentalUseJSI: true option has been renamed to jsi: true


  • [LokiJS] Q.unsafeLokiFilter is now deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Use Q.unsafeLokiTransform((raws, loki) => raws.filter(raw => ...)) instead.

New features

  • [SQLite] [JSI] jsi: true now works on Android - see docs for installation info


  • Removed dependency on rambdax and made the util library smaller
  • Faster withObservables


  • Synchronization: pushChanges is optional, will not calculate local changes if not specified.
  • withObservables is now a dependency of WatermelonDB for simpler installation and consistent updates. You can (and generally should) delete @nozbe/with-observables from your app's package.json
  • [Docs] Add advanced tutorial to share database across iOS targets - @thiagobrez
  • [SQLite] Allowed callbacks (within the migrationEvents object) to be passed so as to track the migration events status ( onStart, onSuccess, onError ) - @avinashlng1080
  • [SQLite] Added a dev-only Query._sql() method for quickly extracting SQL from Queries for debugging purposes


  • Non-react statics hoisting in withDatabase()
  • Fixed incorrect reference to process, which can break apps in some environments (e.g. webpack5)
  • [SQLite] [JSI] Fixed JSI mode when running on Hermes
  • Fixed a race condition when using standard fetch methods alongside Collection.unsafeFetchRecordsWithSQL - @jspizziri
  • withObservables shouldn't cause any RxJS issues anymore as it no longer imports RxJS
  • [Typescript] Added onSetUpError and onIndexedDBFetchStart fields to LokiAdapterOptions; fixes TS error - @3DDario
  • [Typescript] Removed duplicated identifiers useWebWorker and useIncrementalIndexedDB in LokiAdapterOptions - @3DDario
  • [Typescript] Fix default export in logger util

0.21 - 2021-03-24


  • [LokiJS] useWebWorker and useIncrementalIndexedDB options are now required (previously, skipping them would only trigger a warning)

New features

  • [Model] Model.update method now returns updated record
  • [adapters] onSetUpError: Error => void option is added to both SQLiteAdapter and LokiJSAdapter. Supply this option to catch initialization errors and offer the user to reload or log out
  • [LokiJS] new extraLokiOptions and extraIncrementalIDBOptions options
  • [Android] Autolinking is now supported.
    • If You upgrade to <= v0.21.0 AND are on a version of React Native which supports Autolinking, you will need to remove the config manually linking WatermelonDB.
    • You can resolve this issue by REMOVING the lines of config from your project which are added in the Manual Install ONLY section of the Android Install docs.


  • [LokiJS] Improved performance of launching the app


  • [LokiJS] useWebWorker: true and useIncrementalIndexedDB: false options are now deprecated. If you rely on these features, please file an issue!
  • [Sync] Optional log passed to sync now has more helpful diagnostic information
  • [Sync] Open-sourced a simple SyncLogger you can optionally use. See docs for more info.
  • [SQLiteAdapter] synchronous:true option is now deprecated and will be replaced with experimentalUseJSI: true in the future. Please test if your app compiles and works well with experimentalUseJSI: true, and if not - file an issue!
  • [LokiJS] Changed default autosave interval from 250 to 500ms
  • [Typescript] Add experimentalNestedJoin definition and unsafeSqlExpr clause


  • [LokiJS] Fixed a case where IndexedDB could get corrupted over time
  • [Resilience] Added extra diagnostics for when you encounter the Record ID aa#bb was sent over the bridge, but it's not cached error and a recovery path (LokiJSAdapter-only). Please file an issue if you encounter this issue!
  • [Typescript] Fixed type on OnFunction to accept and in join
  • [Typescript] Fixed type database#batch(records)'s argument records to accept mixed types


  • Added an experimental mode where a broken database state is detected, further mutations prevented, and the user notified

0.20 - 2020-10-05


This release has unintentionally broken RxJS for some apps using with-observables. If you have this issue, please update @nozbe/with-observables to the latest version.

New features

  • [Sync] Conflict resolution can now be customized. See docs for more details
  • [Android] Autolinking is now supported
  • [LokiJS] Adapter autosave option is now configurable


  • Interal RxJS imports have been refactor such that rxjs-compat should never be used now
  • [Performance] Tweak Babel config to produce smaller code
  • [Performance] LokiJS-based apps will now take up to 30% less time to load the database (id and unique indicies are generated lazily)


  • [iOS] Fixed crash on database reset in apps linked against iOS 14 SDK
  • [LokiJS] Fix being broken for multi-line strings on web
  • Fixed warn "import cycle" from DialogProvider (#786) by @gmonte.
  • Fixed cache date as instance of Date (#828) by @djorkaeffalexandre.

0.19 - 2020-08-17

New features

  • [iOS] Added CocoaPods support - @leninlin
  • [NodeJS] Introducing a new SQLite Adapter based integration to NodeJS. This requires a peer dependency on better-sqlite3 and should work with the same configuration as iOS/Android - @sidferreira
  • [Android] exerimentalUseJSI option has been enabled on Android. However, it requires some app-specific setup which is not yet documented - stay tuned for upcoming releases
  • [Schema] [Migrations] You can now pass unsafeSql parameters to schema builder and migration steps to modify SQL generated to set up the database or perform migrations. There's also new unsafeExecuteSql migration step. Please use this only if you know what you're doing — you shouldn't need this in 99% of cases. See Schema and Migrations docs for more details
  • [LokiJS] [Performance] Added experimental onIndexedDBFetchStart and indexedDBSerializer options to LokiJSAdapter. These can be used to improve app launch time. See src/adapters/lokijs/index.js for more details.


  • [Performance] findAndObserve is now able to emit a value synchronously. By extension, this makes Relations put into withObservables able to render the child component in one shot. Avoiding the extra unnecessary render cycles avoids a lot of DOM and React commit-phase work, which can speed up loading some views by 30%
  • [Performance] LokiJS is now faster (refactored encodeQuery, skipped unnecessary clone operations)

0.18 - 2020-06-30

Another WatermelonDB release after just a week? Yup! And it's jam-packed full of features!

New features

  • [Query] Q.on queries are now far more flexible. Previously, they could only be placed at the top level of a query. See Docs for more details. Now, you can:

    • Pass multiple conditions on the related query, like so:

        Q.on('projects', [
          Q.where('foo', 'bar'),
          Q.where('bar', 'baz'),
    • You can place Q.on deeper inside the query (nested inside Q.and(), Q.or()). However, you must explicitly list all tables you're joining on at the beginning of a query, using: Q.experimentalJoinTables(['join_table1', 'join_table2']).

    • You can nest Q.on conditions inside Q.on, e.g. to make a condition on a grandchild. To do so, it's required to pass Q.experimentalNestedJoin('parent_table', 'grandparent_table') at the beginning of a query

  • [Query] Q.unsafeSqlExpr() and Q.unsafeLokiExpr() are introduced to allow adding bits of queries that are not supported by the WatermelonDB query language without having to use unsafeFetchRecordsWithSQL(). See docs for more details

  • [Query] Q.unsafeLokiFilter((rawRecord, loki) => boolean) can now be used as an escape hatch to make queries with LokiJSAdapter that are not otherwise possible (e.g. multi-table column comparisons). See docs for more details


  • [Performance] [LokiJS] Improved performance of queries containing query comparisons on LokiJSAdapter
  • [Docs] Added Contributing guide for Query language improvements
  • [Deprecation] Query.hasJoins is deprecated
  • [DX] Queries with bad associations now show more helpful error message
  • [Query] Counting queries that contain Q.experimentalTake / Q.experimentalSkip is currently broken - previously it would return incorrect results, but now it will throw an error to avoid confusion. Please contribute to fix the root cause!


  • [Typescript] Fixed types of Relation


  • QueryDescription structure has been changed.

0.17.1 - 2020-06-24

  • Fixed broken iOS build - @mlecoq

0.17 - 2020-06-22

New features

  • [Sync] Introducing Migration Syncs - this allows fully consistent synchronization when migrating between schema versions. Previously, there was no mechanism to incrementally fetch all remote changes in new tables and columns after a migration - so local copy was likely inconsistent, requiring a re-login. After adopting migration syncs, Watermelon Sync will request from backend all missing information. See Sync docs for more details.

  • [iOS] Introducing a new native SQLite database integration, rewritten from scratch in C++, based on React Native's JSI (JavaScript Interface). It is to be considered experimental, however we intend to make it the default (and eventually, the only) implementation. In a later release, Android version will be introduced.

     The new adapter is up to 3x faster than the previously fastest `synchronous: true` option,
     however this speedup is only achieved with some unpublished React Native patches.
     To try out JSI, add `experimentalUseJSI: true` to `SQLiteAdapter` constructor.
  • [Query] Added Q.experimentalSortBy(sortColumn, sortOrder), Q.experimentalTake(count), Q.experimentalSkip(count) methods (only availble with SQLiteAdapter) - @Kenneth-KT

  • Database.batch() can now be called with a single array of models

  • [DX] Database.get(tableName) is now a shortcut for Database.collections.get(tableName)

  • [DX] Query is now thenable - you can now use await query and await query.count instead of await query.fetch() and await query.fetchCount()

  • [DX] Relation is now thenable - you can now use await relation instead of await relation.fetch()

  • [DX] Exposed collection.db and model.db as shortcuts to get to their Database object


  • [Hardening] Column and table names starting with __, Object property names (e.g. constructor), and some reserved keywords are now forbidden
  • [DX] [Hardening] QueryDescription builder methods do tighter type checks, catching more bugs, and preventing users from unwisely passing unsanitized user data into Query builder methods
  • [DX] [Hardening] Adapters check early if table names are valid
  • [DX] Collection.find reports an error more quickly if an obviously invalid ID is passed
  • [DX] Intializing Database with invalid model classes will now show a helpful error
  • [DX] DatabaseProvider shows a more helpful error if used improperly
  • [Sync] Sync no longer fails if pullChanges returns collections that don't exist on the frontend - shows a warning instead. This is to make building backwards-compatible backends less error-prone
  • [Sync] [Docs] Sync documentation has been rewritten, and is now closer in detail to a formal specification
  • [Hardening] database.collections.get() better validates passed value
  • [Hardening] Prevents unsafe strings from being passed as column name/table name arguments in QueryDescription


  • [Sync] Fixed RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded when syncing large amounts of data - @leninlin
  • [iOS] Fixed a bug that could cause a database operation to fail with an (6) SQLITE_LOCKED error
  • [iOS] Fixed 'jsi/jsi.h' file not found when building at the consumer level. Added path $(SRCROOT)/../../../../../ios/Pods/Headers/Public/React-jsi to Header Search Paths (issue #691) - @victorbutler
  • [Native] SQLite keywords used as table or column names no longer crash
  • Fixed potential issues when subscribing to database, collection, model, queries passing a subscriber function with the same identity more than once


  • Fixed broken adapter tests

0.15.1, 0.16.1-fix, 0.16.2 - 2020-06-03

This is a security patch for a vulnerability that could cause maliciously crafted record IDs to cause all or some of user's data to be deleted. More information available via GitHub security advisory

0.16.1 - 2020-05-18


  • Database.unsafeResetDatabase() is now less unsafe — more application bugs are being caught


  • [iOS] Fix build in apps using Flipper
  • [Typescript] Added type definition for setGenerator.
  • [Typescript] Fixed types of decorators.
  • [Typescript] Add Tests to test Types.
  • Fixed typo in learn-to-use docs.
  • [Typescript] Fixed types of changes.


  • [SQLite] Infrastruture for a future JSI adapter has been added

0.16 - 2020-03-06

⚠️ Breaking

  • experimentalUseIncrementalIndexedDB has been renamed to useIncrementalIndexedDB

Low breakage risk

  • [adapters] Adapter API has changed from returning Promise to taking callbacks as the last argument. This won't affect you unless you call on adapter methods directly. database.adapter returns a new DatabaseAdapterCompat which has the same shape as old adapter API. You can use database.adapter.underlyingAdapter to get back SQLiteAdapter / LokiJSAdapter
  • [Collection] Collection.fetchQuery and Collection.fetchCount are removed. Please use Query.fetch() and Query.fetchCount().

New features

  • [SQLiteAdapter] [iOS] Add new synchronous option to adapter: new SQLiteAdapter({ ..., synchronous: true }). When enabled, database operations will block JavaScript thread. Adapter actions will resolve in the next microtask, which simplifies building flicker-free interfaces. Adapter will fall back to async operation when synchronous adapter is not available (e.g. when doing remote debugging)
  • [LokiJS] Added new onQuotaExceededError?: (error: Error) => void option to LokiJSAdapter constructor. This is called when underlying IndexedDB encountered a quota exceeded error (ran out of allotted disk space for app) This means that app can't save more data or that it will fall back to using in-memory database only Note that this only works when useWebWorker: false


  • [Performance] Watermelon internals have been rewritten not to rely on Promises and allow some fetch/observe calls to resolve synchronously. Do not rely on this -- external API is still based on Rx and Promises and may resolve either asynchronously or synchronously depending on capabilities. This is meant as a internal performance optimization only for the time being.
  • [LokiJS] [Performance] Improved worker queue implementation for performance
  • [observation] Refactored observer implementations for performance


  • Fixed a possible cause for "Record ID xxx#yyy was sent over the bridge, but it's not cached" error
  • [LokiJS] Fixed an issue preventing database from saving when using experimentalUseIncrementalIndexedDB
  • Fixed a potential issue when using database.unsafeResetDatabase()
  • [iOS] Fixed issue with clearing database under experimental synchronous mode

New features (Experimental)

  • [Model] Added experimental model.experimentalSubscribe((isDeleted) => { ... }) method as a vanilla JS alternative to Rx based model.observe(). Unlike the latter, it does not notify the subscriber immediately upon subscription.
  • [Collection] Added internal collection.experimentalSubscribe((changeSet) => { ... }) method as a vanilla JS alternative to Rx based collection.changes (you probably shouldn't be using this API anyway)
  • [Database] Added experimental database.experimentalSubscribe(['table1', 'table2'], () => { ... }) method as a vanilla JS alternative to Rx-based database.withChangesForTables(). Unlike the latter, experimentalSubscribe notifies the subscriber only once after a batch that makes a change in multiple collections subscribed to. It also doesn't notify the subscriber immediately upon subscription, and doesn't send details about the changes, only a signal.
  • Added experimentalDisableObserveCountThrottling() to @nozbe/watermelondb/observation/observeCount that globally disables count observation throttling. We think that throttling on WatermelonDB level is not a good feature and will be removed in a future release - and will be better implemented on app level if necessary
  • [Query] Added experimental query.experimentalSubscribe(records => { ... }), query.experimentalSubscribeWithColumns(['col1', 'col2'], records => { ... }), and query.experimentalSubscribeToCount(count => { ... }) methods

0.15 - 2019-11-08


This is a massive new update to WatermelonDB! 🍉

  • Up to 23x faster sync. You heard that right. We've made big improvements to performance. In our tests, with a massive sync (first login, 45MB of data / 65K records) we got a speed up of:

    • 5.7s -> 1.2s on web (5x)
    • 142s -> 6s on iOS (23x)

    Expect more improvements in the coming releases!

  • Improved LokiJS adapter. Option to disable web workers, important Safari 13 fix, better performance, and now works in Private Modes. We recommend adding useWebWorker: false, experimentalUseIncrementalIndexedDB: true options to the LokiJSAdapter constructor to take advantage of the improvements, but please read further changelog to understand the implications of this.

  • Raw SQL queries now available on iOS and Android thanks to the community

  • Improved TypeScript support — thanks to the community

⚠️ Breaking

  • Deprecated bool schema column type is removed -- please change to boolean
  • Experimental experimentalSetOnlyMarkAsChangedIfDiffers(false) API is now removed

New featuers

  • [Collection] Add Collection.unsafeFetchRecordsWithSQL() method. You can use it to fetch record using raw SQL queries on iOS and Android. Please be careful to avoid SQL injection and other pitfalls of raw queries

  • [LokiJS] Introduces new new LokiJSAdapter({ ..., experimentalUseIncrementalIndexedDB: true }) option. When enabled, database will be saved to browser's IndexedDB using a new adapter that only saves the changed records, instead of the entire database.

    This works around a serious bug in Safari 13 ( that causes large databases to quickly balloon to gigabytes of temporary trash

    This also improves performance of incremental saves, although initial page load or very, very large saves might be slightly slower.

    This is intended to become the new default option, but it's not backwards compatible (if enabled, old database will be lost). You're welcome to contribute an automatic migration code.

    Note that this option is still experimental, and might change in breaking ways at any time.

  • [LokiJS] Introduces new new LokiJSAdapter({ ..., useWebWorker: false }) option. Before, web workers were always used with LokiJSAdapter. Although web workers may have some performance benefits, disabling them may lead to lower memory consumption, lower latency, and easier debugging. YMMV.

  • [LokiJS] Added onIndexedDBVersionChange option to LokiJSAdapter. This is a callback that's called when internal IDB version changed (most likely the database was deleted in another browser tab). Pass a callback to force log out in this copy of the app as well. Note that this only works when using incrementalIDB and not using web workers

  • [Model] Add Model._dangerouslySetRawWithoutMarkingColumnChange() method. You probably shouldn't use it, but if you know what you're doing and want to live-update records from server without marking record as updated, this is useful

  • [Collection] Add Collection.prepareCreateFromDirtyRaw()

  • @json decorator sanitizer functions take an optional second argument, with a reference to the model


  • Pinned required rambdax version to 2.15.0 to avoid console logging bug. In a future release we will switch to our own fork of rambdax to avoid future breakages like this.


  • [Performance] Make large batches a lot faster (1.3s shaved off on a 65K insert sample)
  • [Performance] [iOS] Make large batch inserts an order of magnitude faster
  • [Performance] [iOS] Make encoding very large queries (with thousands of parameters) 20x faster
  • [Performance] [LokiJS] Make batch inserts faster (1.5s shaved off on a 65K insert sample)
  • [Performance] [LokiJS] Various performance improvements
  • [Performance] [Sync] Make Sync faster
  • [Performance] Make observation faster
  • [Performance] [Android] Make batches faster
  • Fix app glitches and performance issues caused by race conditions in Query.observeWithColumns()
  • [LokiJS] Persistence adapter will now be automatically selected based on availability. By default, IndexedDB is used. But now, if unavailable (e.g. in private mode), ephemeral memory adapter will be used.
  • Disabled console logs regarding new observations (it never actually counted all observations) and time to query/count/batch (the measures were wildly inaccurate because of asynchronicity - actual times are much lower)
  • [withObservables] Improved performance and debuggability (update withObservables package separately)
  • Improved debuggability of Watermelon -- shortened Rx stacks and added function names to aid in understanding call stacks and profiles
  • [adapters] The adapters interface has changed. query() and count() methods now receive a SerializedQuery, and batch() now takes TableName<any> and RawRecord or RecordId instead of Model.
  • [Typescript] Typing improvements
    • Added 3 missing properties collections, database and asModel in Model type definition.
    • Removed optional flag on actionsEnabled in the Database constructor options since its mandatory since 0.13.0.
    • fixed several further typing issues in Model, Relation and lazy decorator
  • Changed how async functions are transpiled in the library. This could break on really old Android phones but shouldn't matter if you use latest version of React Native. Please report an issue if you see a problem.
  • Avoid database prop drilling in the web demo

0.14.1 - 2019-08-31

Hotfix for rambdax crash

  • [Schema] Handle invalid table schema argument in appSchema
  • [withObservables] Added TypeScript support (changelog)
  • [Electron] avoid Uncaught ReferenceError: global is not defined in electron runtime (#453)
  • [rambdax] Replaces contains with includes due to contains deprecation

0.14.0 - 2019-08-02

New features

  • [Query] Added support for notLike queries 🎉
  • [Actions] You can now batch delete record with all descendants using experimental functions experimentalMarkAsDeleted or experimentalDestroyPermanently

0.13.0 - 2019-07-18

⚠️ Breaking

  • [Database] It is now mandatory to pass actionsEnabled: option to Database constructor. It is recommended that you enable this option:

    const database = new Database({
      adapter: ...,
      modelClasses: [...],
      actionsEnabled: true

    See docs/ for more details about Actions. You can also pass false to maintain backward compatibility, but this option will be removed in a later version

  • [Adapters] migrationsExperimental prop of SQLiteAdapter and LokiJSAdapter has been renamed to migrations.

New features

  • [Actions] You can now batch deletes by using prepareMarkAsDeleted or prepareDestroyPermanently
  • [Sync] Performance: synchronize() no longer calls your pushChanges() function if there are no local changes to push. This is meant to save unnecessary network bandwidth. ⚠️ Note that this could be a breaking change if you rely on it always being called
  • [Sync] When setting new values to fields on a record, the field (and record) will no longer be marked as changed if the field's value is the same. This is meant to improve performance and avoid unnecessary code in the app. ⚠️ Note that this could be a breaking change if you rely on the old behavior. For now you can import experimentalSetOnlyMarkAsChangedIfDiffers from @nozbe/watermelondb/Model/index and call if with (false) to bring the old behavior back, but this will be removed in the later version -- create a new issue explaining why you need this
  • [Sync] Small perf improvements


  • [Typescript] Improved types for SQLite and LokiJS adapters, migrations, models, the database and the logger.

0.12.3 - 2019-05-06


  • [Database] You can now update the random id schema by importing import { setGenerator } from '@nozbe/watermelondb/utils/common/randomId' and then calling setGenerator(newGenenerator). This allows WatermelonDB to create specific IDs for example if your backend uses UUIDs.
  • [Typescript] Type improvements to SQLiteAdapter and Database
  • [Tests] remove cleanup for react-hooks-testing-library@0.5.0 compatibility

0.12.2 - 2019-04-19


  • [TypeScript] 'Cannot use 'in' operator to search for 'initializer'; decorator fix


  • [Database] You can now pass falsy values to Database.batch(...) (false, null, undefined). This is useful in keeping code clean when doing operations conditionally. (Also works with model.batch(...))
  • [Decorators]. You can now use @action on methods of any object that has a database: Database property, and @field @children @date @relation @immutableRelation @json @text @nochange decorators on any object with a asModel: Model property.
  • [Sync] Adds a temporary/experimental _unsafeBatchPerCollection: true flag to synchronize(). This causes server changes to be committed to database in multiple batches, and not one. This is NOT preferred for reliability and performance reasons, but it works around a memory issue that might cause your app to crash on very large syncs (>20,000 records). Use this only if necessary. Note that this option might be removed at any time if a better solution is found.

0.12.1 - 2019-04-01

⚠️ Hotfix

  • [iOS] Fix runtime crash when built with Xcode 10.2 (Swift 5 runtime).

    ⚠️ Note: You need to upgrade to React Native 0.59.3 for this to work. If you can't upgrade React Native yet, either stick to Xcode 10.1 or manually apply this patch:


  • [Sync] Adds basic sync logging capability to Sync. Pass an empty object to synchronize() to populate it with diagnostic information:
    const log = {}
    await synchronize({ database, log, ...})
    See Sync documentation for more details.

0.12.0 - 2019-03-18


  • [Hooks] new useDatabase hook for consuming the Database Context:
    import { useDatabase } from '@nozbe/watermelondb/hooks';
    const Component = () => {
       const database = useDatabase();
  • [TypeScript] added .d.ts files. Please note: TypeScript definitions are currently incomplete and should be used as a guide only. PRs for improvements would be greatly appreciated!


  • Improved UI performance by consolidating multiple observation emissions into a single per-collection batch emission when doing batch changes

0.11.0 - 2019-03-12


  • ⚠️ Potentially BREAKING fix: a @date field now returns a Jan 1, 1970 date instead of null if the field's raw value is 0. This is considered a bug fix, since it's unexpected to receive a null from a getter of a field whose column schema doesn't say isOptional: true. However, if you relied on this behavior, this might be a breaking change.
  • ⚠️ BREAKING: Database.unsafeResetDatabase() now requires that you run it inside an Action

Bug fixes

  • [Sync] Fixed an issue where synchronization would continue running despite unsafeResetDatabase being called
  • [Android] fix compile error for kotlin 1.3+

Other changes

  • Actions are now aborted when unsafeResetDatabase() is called, making reseting database a little bit safer
  • Updated demo dependencies
  • LokiJS is now a dependency of WatermelonDB (although it's only required for use on the web)
  • [Android] removed unused test class
  • [Android] updated ktlint to 0.30.0

0.10.1 - 2019-02-12


  • [Android] Changed compile to implementation in Library Gradle file
    • ⚠️ might break build if you are using Android Gradle Plugin <3.X
  • Updated peerDependency react-native to 0.57.0
  • [Sync] Added hasUnsyncedChanges() helper method
  • [Sync] Improved documentation for backends that can't distinguish between created and updated records
  • [Sync] Improved diagnostics / protection against edge cases
  • [iOS] Add missing header search path to support ejected expo project.
  • [Android] Fix crash on android < 5.0
  • [iOS] SQLiteAdapter's dbName path now allows you to pass an absolute path to a file, instead of a name
  • [Web] Add adaptive layout for demo example with smooth scrolling for iOS

0.10.0 - 2019-01-18


  • BREAKING: Table column last_modified is no longer automatically added to all database tables. If you don't use this column (e.g. in your custom sync code), you don't have to do anything. If you do, manually add this column to all table definitions in your Schema:
    { name: 'last_modified', type: 'number', isOptional: true }
    Don't bump schema version or write a migration for this.


  • Actions API.

    This was actually released in 0.8.0 but is now documented in and With Actions enabled, all create/update/delete/batch calls must be wrapped in an Action.

    To use Actions, call await database.action(async () => { /* perform writes here */ }, and in Model instance methods, you can just decorate the whole method with @action.

    This is necessary for Watermelon Sync, and also to enable greater safety and consistency.

    To enable actions, add actionsEnabled: true to new Database({ ... }). In a future release this will be enabled by default, and later, made mandatory.

    See documentation for more details.

  • Watermelon Sync Adapter (Experimental)

    Added synchronize() function that allows you to easily add full synchronization capabilities to your Watermelon app. You only need to provide two fetch calls to your remote server that conforms to Watermelon synchronization protocol, and all the client-side processing (applying remote changes, resolving conflicts, finding local changes, and marking them as synced) is done by Watermelon.

    See documentation for more details.

  • Support caching for non-global IDs at Native level

0.9.0 - 2018-11-23


  • Added - you can now make queries similar to SQL LIKE

0.8.0 - 2018-11-16


  • Added DatabaseProvider and withDatabase Higher-Order Component to reduce prop drilling
  • Added experimental Actions API. This will be documented in a future release.


  • Fixes crash on older Android React Native targets without jsc-android installed

0.7.0 - 2018-10-31


  • [Schema] Column type 'bool' is deprecated — change to 'boolean'


  • Added support for Schema Migrations. See documentation for more details.
  • Added fundaments for integration of Danger with Jest


  • Fixed "dependency cycle" warning
  • [SQLite] Fixed rare cases where database could be left in an unusable state (added missing transaction)
  • [Flow] Fixes oneOf() typing and some other variance errors
  • [React Native] App should launch a little faster, because schema is only compiled on demand now
  • Fixed typos in
  • Updated Flow to 0.85

0.6.2 - 2018-10-04


  • The @nozbe/watermelondb/babel/cjs / @nozbe/watermelondb/babel/esm Babel plugin that ships with Watermelon is deprecated and no longer necessary. Delete it from your Babel config as it will be removed in a future update


  • Removed dependency on async (Web Worker should be ~30KB smaller)
  • Refactored Collection and simpleObserver for getting changes in an array and also adds CollectionChangeTypes for differentiation between different changes
  • Updated dependencies
  • Simplified build system by using relative imports
  • Simplified build package by outputting CJS-only files

0.6.1 - 2018-09-20


  • Added iOS and Android integration tests and lint checks to TravisCI


  • Changed Flow setup for apps using Watermelon - see docs/Advanced/
  • Improved documentation, and demo code
  • Updated dependencies


  • Add quotes to all names in sql queries to allow keywords as table or column names
  • Fixed running model tests in apps with Watermelon in the loop
  • Fixed Flow when using Watermelon in apps

0.6.0 - 2018-09-05

Initial release of WatermelonDB